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Huangshan, Huangshan Attractions,  Huangshan Travel GuideThe Yellow Mountains known as Yishan in the Qin Dynasty (221 -207 B.C.) got their present name in 747 A.D. (the 6th year of the Tianbao reign of the Tang Dynasty), when Li Bai (701 -762), the great Tang poet, wrote about them in these lines: "Thousands of feet high towers the Yellow Mountains With its thirty-two magnificent peaks, Blooming like golden lotus flowers Amidst red crags and rock columns...Many a stream and many a ford, Peaks upon peaks shutting out the sky..." Located in the southern part of Anhui Province, the Yellow Mountains extend across - Shexian, Yixian, Taiping and Xiuning. They rose above the earth surface as a result of movement of the earth's crust over a hundred million years ago.

Hongcun Village
Huangshan Hongcun Village, Huangshan Attractions, Huangshan Travel GuideNot far from Xidi Village is Hong Village which is also famed for its pre-20th Century buildings. Hongcun Village features its interesting layout as a water buffalo shape, then its environmental architectural idea of a crisscross waterway system. What is unique about the village is that it is ox-shaped topography. The high ground is like the ox head, the ancient trees at the entrance are like ox horns and bridges like ox hoofs. The houses form the trunk and the river is like an ox tail. The 1,000 meter long zigzagging ditch is compared to ox intestines, and the Moon-shaped pond, Nanhu Lake, take the shape of ox stomach.

Xidi Village
Huangshan Xidi Village, Huangshan Attractions, Huangshan Travel GuideThe topography of Xidi Village is well planned. It boasts 122 dwelling houses in black, white and gray colors, and 3 clan temples were built in the 18th and 19th centuries (Ming and Qing Dynasties). Each has white walls, with elaborated-shaped eaves and courtyards. Most houses enjoy fine woodcarving and brick carving, etc, which reflect local culture and customs. It is called "the Land of Peach Blossom" for its beauty and tranquility. It is also called "a treasure house of ancient resident architecture" for its well-preserved ancient dwelling houses in Ming and Qing dynasties. The entrance gates and windows display typical features of local wood, brick and stone carving.

Huangshan Tunxi, Huangshan Attractions, Huangshan Travel GuideTunxi is an ancient city with a long history. Early in the Qin and Han dynasties (more than 2200 years ago) a prefecture was set up. During the period of the Three Kingdoms, Mao Gan, a general of the state of Wu, once quartered his army in Tunxi. As for that the name Tunxi came into existence. Tunxi is a hill town, is the seat of the Huangshan Municipal Government. The lush Huashan Hill and Yangmei Hill lie across the city. The Xin'an River which is joined by Hengjiang River and Shuai Shui River flows through the city. Hence, Tunxi is also known as a, river town. It is today a garden city as well as the tourist center of Southern Anhui.

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