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Advantages of Small Group China Tours

To see China for the lowest price and the highest value? Book a small group tour with China Connection Tours!  We organize and operate tours around China, saving you money by cutting out the middle man, and at our local offices in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, our trip planners are always ready to help you plan a vacation of your dreams and make it fit your budget. 

We have decades of experience accommodating foreign guests and are attuned to their needs and we know that everyone has their interests, priorities and preferences.  So over years, we have built our small group tours around popular attractions and experiences from the north to the south, from the east to the west.  We offer tours in every province and at popular tourist attractions so that you can be sure to find a small group tour that suits your tastes. 

Our company ensures a high level of quality for guides, hotels, meals, and transportation.  Our guides are well educated, friendly and knowledgeable, eager to walk you through the wonders of China's history or help you replace a passport.  It can be scary traveling so far from home, so our guides are trained in Tender Loving Care service to make sure each group member is happy and healthy.  For each and every tour, we evaluate lodging options based on an industry-wide standard, and choose only the best.  You can be assured of a clean, safe, comfortable, welcoming place to relax after an exciting sightseeing day.  For dining, we offer American-style breakfasts and provide meals in carefully selected restaurants whose food best represents Chinese cuisines.  And if you have any dietary restrictions, we are happy to accommodate your requests without any surcharge.

As compared to a private tour, traveling with a small group of other foreign tourists saves you money through group rates on travel, lodging and dining.  You shouldn't feel like you are giving up any of your needs or wants by taking a small group tour.  Rather, cherish your fellow travelers.  They are taking this journey with you and can make your China tour even more memorable!

Whether you have an exhilarating long weekend in Shanghai or four days in historic Beijing or spend over a week traveling around the country, slowly cruising down the Yangtze or hopping planes and trains across the vast country to see the famous sights, I believe you will get more out of your vacation by traveling in a small group in China than being one out of a packed tour bus. 

We know China like you know your own backyard. Let our expertise be your guide.

Custom Small Group China Tours

Custom Small Group China Tours

Choice can make a world of difference in your travels. We have preplanned packages withdeluxeBudget class, deluxeStandard class or firstDeluxe class, and you can also tailor your trip to your exact preferences. If our ready-made China tours cannot fit your particulars, please complete our easy-to-use custom tour request form for a tailor-made custom China tour solution. Our enthusiastic China Tour Expert will promptly reply you and custom a China tour 100% suit your interest