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New Path towards China Online Inbound Travel


The world online travel industry has soared in 5 consecutive years with a year-on-year increase rate of 350%. Under such circumstances, China online travel industry also embodies high development potential. iResearch.com predicted that in 2008, the overall online market would grow to 3.63 billion RMB.The untouched virgin land has aroused great interest. Online travel websites are springing up like mushrooms. A large number of such websites are receiving gigantic Venture Capital or are already enlisted on stock markets — ctrip, elong, et-china, intohotel, tianker, Qunar, kuxun, Etpass, 17u and byecity, to name just a few. However, comparing to international leading players, Chinese online travel sites are still dwarfed. The biggest online travel site in China, ctrip.com, made a net income of 1.2 billion RMB in 2007 (164 million USD), increasing 54% to 2006. The sales profit amounted to 440 million RMB (55 million USD). In contrast, Expedia, the biggest online travel site in America, swallowed incomes of 1.54 and 6.19 billion USD in Q4 and the whole year in 2007, makes a year-on-year increase of 16% in booking and 21% in net profit to 295.9 million USD. The second-tier online travel sites are still a far cry from international leaders. To make it worse, a large number of them are still attracting only eyeballs rather than income. The multi-million websites are also at bottleneck at present. Is the size defining their development? Or is the overall environment blocking their growth? Or is it all about money, i.e. the investment? In the face of optimistic predicts as well as financial crisis, China Inbound Tourism Industry Conference & The 2nd China Inbound E-commerce Summit is bringing you industry experts and decision-makers their insights into a whole new perspective. Missions: To discuss the perspectives of the China Inbound Tourism Industry in the post-Olympic period while a global recession is in place, to release the research authoritative reports, to share the experience of inbound travel products development and marketing strategies, to probe into the new REGULATIONS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF TRAVEL AGENCIES, To enhance interaction and communication between tour operators, ground operators and resources in the tourism industry, and most of all, to explore inbound tourism together.

(Source:http://en.stilltravel.cn/ , 2008-11-25)