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Beijing distributes free tickets to tourists


On January 15, the curtain was raised on the tourism promotional campaign sponsored by the Beijing Tourism Administration called "Inviting You to Spend the Chinese Lunar New Year in Beijing". 50,000 tickets to scenic sites and temple fairs, as well as over 1,000 free accommodation vouchers for star-rated hotel rooms will be distributed through lucky draws to domestic tourists from other parts of the country spending the Chinese Lunar New Year in Beijing. On the first day of distribution, half of the tickets had not been distributed as anticipated because most of the general public were unaware of the program. According to the Beijing Tourism Administration, during the Spring Festival it will distribute 30,000 tickets to scenic sites and 20,000 tickets to temple fairs free of charge to tourists. Of them, tickets to scenic sites include 20,000 tickets to the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Badaling section of the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs, and 10,000 tickets to the "Bird's Nest" (the National Stadium) and the "Water Cube" (the National Aquatics Center). Five thousand tickets each will be distributed for temple fairs at Chaoyang Park, Ditan Park, Longtan Park and the Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. All the tickets will mainly be distributed nationwide via the Head Office of the China International Travel Service, the China Youth Travel Service, the China Travel Service Hong Kong and the Spring and Autumn Travel Service. Each travel agency has set up three outlets in Beijing to distribute the tickets through lucky draws, with each lucky draw outlet distributing six tickets every day. As of 5:30 pm yesterday afternoon, a total of 34 tickets were distributed in Beijing. In addition, 39 hotels including the Beijing Hotel and the Beijing Nikko New Century Hotel will distribute vouchers for 208 free guest rooms every day during the Spring Festival.

(Source:People's Daily Online, 2009-01-16)