Guizhou Hidden Tribe Tour

Day 01 Guiyang

Arrive in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, which is the hub of politics, economy, culture and communication in the province. Upon arrival, be met and transferred to the four-star Ramada Plaza Hotel. After a short rest, visit Jiaxiu Pavilion, the symbol of Guiyang. Jiaxiu Pavilion was initially built by a provincial governor in the Ming Dynasty, with the purpose of encouraging scholars to make progress.

Day 02 Guiyang / Kaili (B, L, D)

Qingyan Ancient Town, Guizhou Hidden Tribe Tour, China Tour Morning drive to Kaili, the centre of Miao and Dong Minorities Autonomous Prefecture in southeast Guizhou. Upon arrival, visit Kaili Museum where you can have a general understanding and basic knowledge of Miao and Dong people's history, daily life, textile technique etc. You will also visit Ms. Yang Jianhong’s workshop. Ms. Yang set up this workshop for minorities' textiles collection. At there you can find lots of excellent textile pieces, like a small embroidery museum. This afternoon visit Qingman Miao village where you will see the entire process of traditional Miao clothes-making. Then visit Shiqiao Miao village which is still keep the ancient way of paper making. At last explore Boji Miao village. Family visit will be arranged. Check into the local best Grand Dragon Hotel.

Day 03 Kaili / Xijiang (B, L, D)

Drive to Xijiang. En route, visit upper Langde Miao village, an old village with beautiful traditional Miao style houses, the village is named "Village of China Civil Arts". You will be greeted by its friendly villagers and drink the block way wines before entering the village. Enjoy a musical performance and village life there. Continue driving to Nanhua long-skirt Miao village, the villagers wear long skirts, hence they are "Long Skirt Miao". Upon arrival, visit Xijiang Miao village which is noted as the largest Miao village in China with more than a thousand family households. The villagers build their houses at the foot of a mountain. These houses are mostly wood houses (those propped up by wooden supports with ladders leading up), or built with dark red maple wood blocks, which appear golden in the evening glow. Home stay in the village.

Day 04 Xijiang / Rongjiang (B, L, D)

Drive to Rongjiang. En route, you can see the terraced paddy fields. Today you will visit two Dong villages, Chejiang Dong village and Datang Short-skirt Dong village where you can see drum tower, wooden houses and wind & rain bridges. Upon arrival, check into the local best Rongjiang Hotel.

Day 05 Rongjiang / Congjiang / Zhaoxing (B, L, D)

Drive to Zhaoxing. Visit Basha Miao village. Basha is a very special and old Miao Ethnic village. Till today, men still keep guns for hunting. The hairstyle is very unique--all the hair cut but a knot in the middle. Visit Zengchong Dong village. Zengchong Drum Tower is the largest and oldest drum tower in Guizhou and also a major cultural relic under state protection. Continue driving to Zhaoxing and check into the local best Zhaoxing Hotel.

Day 06 Zhaoxing (B, L, D)

This morning explore Zhaoxing Dong village. This village is divided into five parts according to family groups that each has one roofed bridge and one drum tower. The tallest tower is 25 meters high without any iron nail or rivet. Wooden tenons and mortises connect the tower. Inside the tower are carved figures of people, animals of flowers full of Domg's color. The drum tower is a place where the Dong people gather together for important decision, singing and entertainment. This afternoon visit Jitang Dong village which is located on the hills and rice paddies.

Day 07 Zhaoxing / Sanjiang (B, L, D)

Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge, Sanjiang - Guizhou Hidden Tribe Tour, China TourDrive to Sanjiang. En route, visit Tang’an Dong village which is noted as the first ecological museum of Dong people. A good example of human living harmoniously in an agroecosystem and has been listed as an eco-museum by the joint efforts of Guizhou provincial government and Dr. John Aage Gjestrum, a leading musicologist in Norway. Upon arrival, visit the largest wind & rain bridge in China---Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge and nearby Dong village. Check into the local best Sanjiang Hotel.

Day 08 Sanjiang / Longsheng (B, L, D)

Drive to Longsheng. Visit the amazing Dragon Bone rice terraces that stretches layer upon layer, coiling around from the base of Longji Mountain to its summit. This is the most amazing terrace in China whose construction began in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), and continued until the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) when construction was completed. Check into Longsheng Spa Vacation Centre.

Day 09 Longsheng / Guilin (B, L)

Drive to Guilin. Visit Reed Flute Cave, known as "the Palace of Natural Arts" where you can see beautiful stalactites & stalagmites, learn how they are formed. Elephant Trunk Hill, the whole hill looks very much like a giant elephant with a long trunk. It is also the symbol of Guilin city. Fubo Hill, you can see lots of rock stone carvings & Buddha statues since Tang Dynasty. Have a wonderful bird's-eye view of Guilin city if you climb to the summit. Check into the four-star Guihu Park Hotel.

Day 10 Guilin / Yangshuo (B, L)

Enjoy the cruise on the Li River striking you with its poetic scenery of misty pinnacles, gentle green riverbanks and quite river activities. Disembark at the Yangshuo. Have a free walk in the West Street. Check into Yangshuo Four-star New Century Hotel.

Day 11 Yangshuo / Guilin / Hong Kong (B)

Free day for you to explore the villages nearby Yangshuo town and enjoy the village life. This late afternoon drive back to Guilin to take the flight to Hong Kong.

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Customized Guizhou Tours

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