Guizhou Minority Festival Tour

Day 01 Guiyang

Arrive in Guiyang, the ancient capital city of Guizhou Province. You will be met with your tour guide at the airport. Today you are escorted to visit Jiaxiu pavilion-the landmark building of Guiyang. In the afternoon, continue to visit the Hongfu Buddhist monastery located on top of Qianling Mountain. Check into Ramada Plaza Hotel and rest.

Qingyan Ancient Town, Guizhou Minority Festival TourDay 02 Guiyang / Kaili (B, L, D)

Morning 2.5 hours' coach to Kaili-the capital city of Guizhou Southeast Autonomous Prefecture of Miao & Dong people. En route, we will make a detour to Qingman short-skirt Miao village to start our hiking trip. We will visit Shiqiao Miao village to see their traditional way of making paper from the tree bark. Then continue our hiking to explore Boji Miao village by visiting the families to experience their dailu life. Dinner with Miao people’s traditional cuisine: sour soup fish in hotpot. (Mountain hiking 15 Km)

Day 03 Kaili / Shidong / Zhenyuan (B, L, D)

Following breakfast today is visiting Matang Gejia people village to see their traditional way of making batik. In the afternoon take a Boat Cruise on Wuyang River to appreciate its gorgeous mountain scenery.

Sister's Meal Festival, Guizhou Minority Festival TourDay 04 Zhenyuan (B, L, D)

Morning visit Black Dragon Cave which is the combination of Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism and needs 2 hours' hiking. Then explore the old town of Zhenyuan by visiting the local families. After lunch, take the coach to Shidong to attend Miao people's traditional festival-Sister's Meal Festival which is well known as the Oriental Valentine’s Day. Festival activity: wooden drum dance, bull fighting and festival market. Late afternoon take the coach back to Kaili.

Day 05 Zhenyuan / Shibing / Kaili / Guiyang (B, L, D)

In the morning take 1 hour's coach to Paiyang to start our hiking trip. En route, explore a silversmith village and a Miao village by visiting the local families. You will be deeply impressed by its terraced paddy fields. (Mountain hiking 12Km) In the afternoon arrive Xijiang-the largest Miao village in China. You will be greeted into the village by drinking the block way wine. A night performance will be arranged. Hike in the village to explore more. Enjoy the dinner with the village chief family. (Mountain hiking 18Km)

Day 06 Xijiang / Nanhua / Leishan (B, L, D)

Lanhua Miao villageToday start our hiking via the mountainous zigzagging path and sandstone country road. En route, visit a long-skirt Miao village. Continue to visit Lanhua Miao village. A Christian church can still be seen there. Then continue our drive to visit a pottery making village.

Day 07 Leishan / Rongjiang (B, L, D)

Today's program starts from the visit to Datang short-skirt Miao village. A performance will be arranged. Then explore the village to see their wooden granary on the water. Continue our drive to Rongjiang via Leigong Mountain. En route, stop at Kaitun to view its gorgeous terraced paddy fields. In the afternoon visit Chejiang Dong village.

Day 08 Rongjiang / Congjiang / Zhaoxing (B, L, D)

Morning drive to Congjiang to visit Basha Miao village noted for men's hair dresses and women's shinning fabric costume from egg white. Hike in this primitive village to experience its daily life with very little signs of modern influence. After lunch explore Zhaoxing-the largest Dong people's village in China with more than 800 households and a population of 4000. It owns 5 drum towers symbolizing 5 different clans.

Chengyang Wind & Rain BridgeDay 09 Zhaoxing (B, L, D)

Today start our hiking via the zigzagging mountainous path to visit Tang'an Dong village noted as the first ecological museum of Dong people. Continue to visit Jitang Dong village in the afternoon. 2 hours' hiking is needed. Enjoy night performance of Dong people's Chorus songs.

Day 10 Zhaoxing / Sanjiang (B, L, D)

Arise early morning to have a panorama view of Zhaoxing. Then continue our drive to Sanjiang. En route, visit Diping Wind & Rain Bridge. Continue to visit Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge in the afternoon and the Dong villages nearby. 

Day 11 Sanjiang / Longsheng (B)

After breakfast, transfer to Longsheng.

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Customized Guizhou Tours

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